Saturday, May 15, 2010

Airplane Ride!

I flew from the Phoenix airport straight into Santa Barbara. It was a little over an hour flight, easy! I had Brig's and Nathan the way there and like always, I got a lot of looks. Three people said I was daring bringing my tow kids on the plane with me. If they only knew how many kids I have...Hee, Hee!! For me it's not daring or really that hard. We travel lot and pack time wasters. My kids have gotten use to flights, and long car drives.

On the way home I had 3 boys, and you guessed it. Lot's and lots of stares. It wasn't bad at all. Gavin and Brig's sat next to each other and Nathan and I were on the other side of the aisle way. They each had backpacks with books, some toys and snacks.
By the end of the flight they looked like this! They were done! When they walked off the plane Scott was right there to help. They boys, especially Gavin, were thrilled to see Scott! (Hey you mom's that travel alone...Your spouse, friend or mom can get a pass to go with you all the way to the gate! That's handy with lots of kids and baggage!)


Mamathom and Papathom said...

Sounds like you had a great vacation. Loved the pictures and all the updates. Thanks for sharing.

rachel said...

Don't you love that. I really like the whole dad at the gate thing. So nice for moms. The boys all look so grown up!! I had a ton of people tell me they were praying for me when I had my three by myself :) You're supermom.

Clarissa B. said...

dang! your boys are soo cute! I am gonna miss you guys!

Zana said...

Lori, I remember going to Solvang with you & bubbles! But we weren't into buying fabric back then...wish I could have been there with you for that one.

Chera Pierson said...

Cute! I traveled with Ethan and Ryan a few weeks ago to AZ...all by myself, with what seemed like a ton of bags. Unfortunately, Stew couldn't walk to the gate with me because I had to go through customs.

I don't ever want to travel alone with small kids again. So not fun for the Pierson's... LOL :)