Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mini Goals Week 21

Another great, great week. The power of prayer is amazing and I felt so connected to the spirit. Why don't I always do this? Why does it have to be a mini goal? Well, I will be better at praying. Like I said before I am always saying silent prayers randomly throughout the day, but the mid-day prayer is what I have loved and will be better at. Going somewhere quiet, kneeling in prayer. Just the thought of it is so wonderful!
I have, another, crazy busy week. I am off to Santa Barbara for 6 long, relaxing, fun days! YES! I can't wait! I am taking the babies with me and Gavin is already there. So, I am choosing not to have a mini goal this week. I plan on finishing up the summer camp plans for the boys during my visit. I also plan on crafting a bit. I also plan on lounging in the warmth of the sun in the backyard reading a book while the boys play. Who wants to join me? Aww, I can't wait! So I guess that's my mini goal. TO do nothing bur relax and have a fun vacation! Ok you talked me into it. That's what I'll do! :)

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Becca said...

I would so join you if I could. Enjoy it enough for both of us.