Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

This Mother's day I was in Santa Barbara, but it was fine because I celebrated Mother's Day for a second time when I returned home two days later. Early Sunday morning Scott called to I could hear Will, Jackson and Tyler sing a couple of songs for sacrament meeting in Mesa. A little while later Scott called again so I could hear Tyler give a talk in primary in Mesa. I subbed as the primary chorister while visiting and it was fun being with all the kids. Gavin made this cute bag filled with tissue paper and there was a small bottle of lotion inside. He also stood on stage and sang the Mother's Day song for sacrament.
Above is Will's letter to me, Tyler's talk and picture and Gavin's picture. He drew him and me..can you tell? :)

Scott ordered me these three books, all from a author I know! I can't wait to dive into those! (We read the children's book, "Grasshopper Pie", which was real cute. Her 14 year old daughter is the illustrate of that book! How fun!
Here is something else Tyler made for me, an adorable stat chart about me...Pretty funny if you can see it! ("youta= Utah, Tackos= tacos)

Jackson wrote up a cartoon word strip and made me a key chain and this door handle thingy. By the way, he goes by Jet now at school. (Jackson Evan Thompson)
Tyler made this at school for me...
THANK YOU all sweet boys and hubby!
I hope awesome, hard-working, fun, hot mama's had a wonderful Mother's Day too! We sacrifice a lot, but man it's sure worth it!