Monday, May 3, 2010

Marshmallow Guns

Last Monday night we wanted to make marshmallow PVC guns with the boys. But, because it's family home evening night I asked Scott to think of a lesson that would involve the boys making guns. It was a great lesson about the importance of following a plan. The boys had over a friend and their Papa (a non member) was there. Scott tied it all together explaining to the boys that following the plan of salvation and being prepared is key to return to live with our Father in heaven. It was a great lesson and the boys really had a good time putting the PVC guns together.


Patrick and Jennifer Thompson said...

I want to see them shoot!!!! Very Fun.

cullerclan said...

that is such a crack up! we love that you could tie that into such a great FHE lesson :) i was looking through some of your posts and came across one where you go to an art museum that has free art classes. where is it and how old do the kids have to be? :) you have the cutest fam. enjoy cali!

Zana said...

so when do you move into your home with the coolest fridge & freezer?!
I'll come join you in your moms backyard, I will bring the snacks :)