Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Last week, before I left for Santa Barbara, we went hiking...It was awesome. The weather changed a bit and cooled down and became real windy. I knew it was the perfect time to go and we'd better hurry or it would be too late and the weather would change and we would move to Utah. So off we went on a 3mile hike to see some Indian hieroglyphics's. (THANKS Rebekkah for telling us about the place!!) I had baby Nathan on my back and Scott help Brig's most of the time on his back. Will held the backpack with water and snacks. It was a hike hike, fun too.

Here are some of the cool drawing s and writings we found. We also found a neat cave and other strange rocks to climb on. We sat for a bit and ate a snack, but that was short lived. The boys seemed to get a boost of energy and want to climb like little monkey's everywhere. It was fun to watch them. There were a few people we saw on the path and up the top. All were very impressed we hauled 7 kids up there (Jack and Ty brought a friend...)

Some of the boys found walking sticks and other cool things on the trail. It was fun and I'm happy to mark it off my "Arizona To-Do List".

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Becca said...

hey the hole that Jackson are kneeling next to are hole that indians used to pound graing in. At least that is what Brother Udall said. arnt thay cool. My kids had a blast trying to see how many they could to find.