Thursday, May 13, 2010

Police Station

Last night for Tyler's Tiger cub pack we were off to the Gilbert Police Station. It was pretty awesome. I've only been to the SB one, and it was a long time ago. Man, was that place nice. (Not like SB at all!!) One of the cub's dad is a detective and gave us a sweet tour of the place. Above were in the call center room. That was amazing. There were about 6 employees on and at their own desk. Each person had 4 or 5 huge monitor's that helped them navigate through the process.

We went outside to see some Police vehicles. Here the boys are hanging on a SWAP truck.

Inside one of the Police cars messin' around on the keyboard...

Back inside, we walked through the large meeting room where the meet before each shift and talk about who they're after and what goals they want to accomplish for the day. I noticed this, and thought it was pretty interesting. Right next to it was a couple dozen mug shots of individuals they're looking for. On each rap sheet it stated their offenses. Yikes!

Here were in the "Evidence Room".
While walking around there were several cops, they would always stop and talk to the boys. Everyone was real nice and it was a great experience!

This is the front of the Police Department.
It was, yet another, fun activity for all the scouts. THANK YOU Jori for setting it up!! THANK YOU scout Dad for the tour!! And THANK YOU Gilbert Police Department!!