Thursday, May 13, 2010

Santa Barbara FUN!!!

Gavin flew to Santa Barbara a week before I did. He hung out with Papa and Nana and had a blast with them. By the time I arrived with Brigham and Nathan, he was ecstatic to show me everything he'd done.
As I'm lounging in the backyard reading, he's showing me how he helped Papa pick up Rosie's poop.

We ate lunch outside and he was lovin' the watermelon!!

I was laying there, and had to get something from inside. When I returned this is what I found...
At the Mann home, the boys had bought Deb a orange, apple and avocado tree for Mother's Day. They were just putting the trees into the ground when we drove up. Gavin thought it was awesome to use the jack-hammer.

One of the days while we were in SB we took a walk by Los Canero's lake. We all walked while Gavin rode his bike. We brought a loaf of bread and had a fun time feeding the ducks.

Before I had arrived one of my mom's neighbors had major plumbing problems. There were workers out fixing the problem for several days. And every day Gavin was out there chatting it up asking several questions and watching the curious work being done. The guys on the job were all real nice to him. By the time I had arrived they fixed the problem and I was able to join Gavin in watching the cement being poured to fill the huge hole in the road.

We all had a FUN time, as usual, in SB!