Thursday, May 17, 2012

Holy Contractions Batman!

Last week was busy, like always. But it was physically busy and I felt like I was running around to every activity I was participating in. I went on several 2 mile speed walks, a gnarly hike, major work in the garden and the normal chasing after lot of kids. Well, it caught up with me and I was feeling it by Friday night. And it sucked! My back was killing and the contractions started.
For me, I have those braxton hicks nonsense for 5+ months of my pregnancy. For me, they are in a very isolated area, feels more like a side cramp, and last 7-10 minutes. They suck, but they're nothing like the real contractions! I usually start getting those real contractions 2 week before the little baby joins our family. So when I started getting them at 8 weeks to go, I was shocked. Worried. And knew I had to slow down!
On Saturday I put myself on bed rest and took 2 naps, aww heaven. But I still felt like crap. Sunday, I went to sacrament only and laied in bed for the remaining part of the day. Aww, heaven again. Felling a tiny bit better but still having some contractions. (The contractions were NOT regular. They were 3's and 4's. If they were stronger or more regular I would of gone to the hospital. I did chat with y doc and we were both on the same page!)
Monday, I did a little more, but slowly and I took a 2 hour nap in the middle of the day. A couple small contractions, but feeling better!
Tuesday, I did a little more but again, slowly and reminding myself to watch how my body is feeling. Another nap in the middle of the day. My body is loving me again! A couple small contractions in the late evening. Getting better!
Wednesday I'm proud to say I was contraction free! Yeah!
I don't like to slow down. I want to be on the move and get things done, but I will sacrifice for this growing baby in my belly!

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Summer Spillane Jordan said...

proud of you! it's never easy! oh, and just wait til the kiddos get older :) i get a nap every day now!