Monday, May 21, 2012

A Violin Cake...Yes Please!!

 On Sunday evening was Katie's violin recital and her mom, Meredith, had this cake made special! WOWZA!! When Gavin has book one completed and has his recital, I'm ordering this cake too! Look how thick it is!
 Cute Katie finished book 2 and played 12 songs perfectly. Gavin was mesmerized watching Katie play. I kept reminding Gavin to watch her slippery slope, her hold and how she played on the Chrysler Highway.
At the end Meredith and Katie played a song together, it was so sweet. Meredith is an all-star mom and just started 9 months ago to learn the violin and is playing like a CHAMP!!
Great evening ladies!!

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Summer Spillane Jordan said...

So great! We have ONE...yes...ONE lady in our stake who plays and she played on Sunday at the RS conference. I just cry the whole way through...such an angelic instrument!!! So glad he's mesmerized by it and loves it!