Sunday, May 13, 2012

Susan G. Komen RUN

 My cousins in Utah have participated in the Susan G. Komen race for a cure for the past several years. Now that we live here, and I wasn't in Santa Barbara visiting, Scott Will and I participated. It was awesome! We have these fun tee shirts made up that said Debbie's Double D's (Dudes and Diva's). And on the back was a picture of my cousin Debbie who recently passed from cancer.
 There was a sea of people there! It was inspiring. There were children, men with tu-tu's on, families all dressed a like, individuals, wild costumes, 90 year olds, and everything in between. It was neat to be part of such a wonderful organization along side my family and thousands of others.
Scott and I have participated in the Relay For Life the past several years and have enjoyed that experience as well.

See you all next year!