Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Little Trees

I hate little trees. You know those 4, 5, 6 foot trees with an 2" or 3" diameter thick around the base. I know this is a little bazaar to write a post about, but it's true. I hate, hate, hate little baby trees. I'm totally prejudiced! Sorry if I have already offended you.

While cross guarding this morning I was looking around and it's so beautiful here in Utah and especially the Holladay area. There are huge trees full of leaves, color, shade, fruit...I love it. I especially love Aspen trees and the sounds they make as the wind in blowing. I love watching kids climb trees and build forts in them. I love seeing a swing attached to a huge branch of a tree.

I have 12 little trees in my yard and I hate them all! Let me explain. They are growing too slowly! I want them to be big trees to provide me with shade or color or fruit or whatever their purpose is. Why are my trees taking so long to grow?

I love trees, just not small ones! I can't wait for all my trees to become big, full, beautiful ones, in about 5-10 years! :)