Wednesday, May 9, 2012


 Last Saturday was the Scout-O-Rama and we had a blast. The Jamboree Scout Troop 707 had a booth to show fire building and the product Stove in a Can. The scouts are selling the Stoves for one of their fundraisers this year. There was a lot of interest and the boys had a fun helping other scouts and kids to build fires.
 There were hundreds of other booths teaching how to do scout stuff and also a toon of games, like Wacka-A-Scout. This was Nathan's favorite. He would laugh and laugh because it was ok to hit!

 The biggest attraction were these huge trampolines in the center of the conventin center. Those boys waited in line 2 hours to do this! They jumped over 5o feet in the air and loved every minute of it!

Thank you Scout program, it was a very fun day for all of us!