Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Would YOU do this??

One of my favorite blog's I follow is One Hundred Dollars a Month by my good friend, Mavis. (We've never met and technically we're not friends. But, I love her like a dear friend of mine. So in my mind we are good pals!)
Anyways, the other day she wrote this post about reclaimed food from the store. Go here to read it all. She stopped at one of her local grocery stores and asked the produce manager if she could stop in every week and pick up some "scraps" for her chickens. They agreed and this is was she has received the past 3 weeks...

 The above two photos are after her and her daughter have gone through the boxes and seperated the real "Uneatable" food from the food she feeds her family. Mavis has a ton of chickens and a compost so nothing goes to waste at her house. Below is a shot of how she received the food.
Part of thinks this is pretty gross, but then the larger part is wondering why the stores don't having waiting lists of globs of people wanting these food scraps. Yes, I would love the free produce. Yes I have 3 or so hours to go through it all. Yes I have chickens who would be happy fat chicks if I fed them this every week. And yes, I have a compost in my backyard for the rest of it.

I actually asked a local store last year, after we bought our chicks, if I could collect some scraps for them (not even thinking I could possibly feed my family some free fruit and veggies!) They said no because a year earlier some lady did the same thing and one of her chickens died and she was all mad at the store about it. Lame.

Would YOU do this? Is this too discusting to even think about? Or is this something to consider?

I feel like something has to be done with all this food. It's such a shame it goes to waste.


Summer Spillane Jordan said...

uhm...i think i just might do it! the gal in charge of produce is a friend of mine and i watch what they throw out and it always surprises me! especially when you have a freezer...you can always use this kind of stuff in the juices and smoothies! my chickens are going to be in hog heaven...thank you!!!

NIKOL said...

One of the medical students I worked with this past year started a program where they'd "reclaim" food like this from grocery stores and then they'd feed the homeless with it. I never really thought about what they do with food that doesn't sell. I think it's great for it to go to use one way or another.

TAG + 1 said...

Unfortunately, in most cases a liability waiver signed by the receiver of goods wouldn't absolve a store from responsibility if and when someone got sick (b/c anyone who ate the food who didn't directly sign would have a case). It is sad to see so much go to waste, but our legal system will keep companies filling up their dumpsters instead of sharing the spoils. As consumers, we drive the markets to over order and therefore, waste by demanding that shelves be stocked. They prove through market research time and again that if an item is out of stock even once, the average consumer will find a new market, even if it means driving further.