Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I. AM. Next!!

Friends out there, stop having babies before me. Put a stop to it, immediately! Please friends and acquaintances that are expecting, you cannot deliver your baby until I have first. Deal?

Yes, it’s a very touchy subject for me, as you’re already assuming. 
My friend Emme was due July 1st and her baby was just born on the 23rd. I found out at church. Of course, I am thrilled for her and her hubby... But, it did tick me off a tad bit. It’s her first!!! Come on! I totally thought I would go before her or at least much closer together.
I hopped on Facebook this morning and found out another friend of mine, Erin, had her baby. She wasn’t due until July 6th and he was born June 24th. Hello? What about me?
While living in AZ there were a bunch of us due in the same month. Two girls the first week, ME the second week, another gal the third week, and another friend of mine the fourth week. So friend #1 has her baby and all is well. The next weekend I am in primary as the chorister and I see the kids from friend #3 and #4 with grandparents and/or just dad. I ask them where their mommy is. “In the hospital, she had her baby!” BOTH friends #3 and #4 had their girls the same day, 6 days before me. I started to cry...right in the middle of singing time.  The other mothers and teachers knew how I felt, the kids looked at me like I was crazy. I was! Now it’s happening all over again!
Come on ladies. There is a due date for a reason, please stick to it and wait your turn! I am next. You hear me...I. Am. Next. Or so I hope to be!

Hopefully you all know that I am not really mad, just wanting to blog about another interesting part of pregancy!


Amelia Poll said...

I hated when I went over my due date and I had to endure all the, "oh, you're still here?" comments at church...

Come on baby Thompson!!

Laura said...

Boy I'm glad we were not close with our pregnancies. I went early with both of mine...and I did not even want to. I'm sure this comment helps a lot. Not! Good luck girly! I'm excited to see pictures.

Stephanie Shumway said...

Ha ha ha ha you crack me up, Lori! Relaaaaaaax... You gotta relaaaax when you're making the crank calls