Friday, February 26, 2010

Ahoy There Matey!!

Gavin celebrated his 4th Birthday and he wanted to have a Handy Manny party. Well, I looked everywhere for anything Handy Manny and nothing was available except to order it on-line through Nick Jr. dot com. So I talked Gavin into choosing another theme. After rattling off several cool kinds he chose a Pirate Party! We dug out Will's old Pirate costume Nana bought him from Disneyland when he was in Kindergarten! Look how cool his cupcake cake turned out! The small island says, "Gavin's Island"!As the guests arrived they were seated at the table and had time to color pirate's and pirate ships while we waited for the remaining guests. After they all arrived we had then sit on the couch while Captain Scott talked to them about what they needed to do to become Pirates. He had theme take the Pirate Oath by covering one eye, using the other hand and making a hook out of it and standing on one leg...It was cute to see the children so into what the Captain was saying. They had to learn a Pirate song so we taught them, "Yo ho, yo ho, a Pirate's life for me..." We continues to sing that periodically throughout the party.

Next all the pirates in training had to learn to walk the plank. Frontwards and backwards, just in case! They took turns looking for berried treasure by playing pin the treasure on the "X".
They also had to learn how to withstand a terrible storm at sea. Each of the kids hopped on to Captain's back and Scott flung them around for a few seconds. (It was like a bull ride). All the kids loved that! The children ate cupcakes, and Gavin opened all the awesome gifts he received. We saved the BEST for last, the pinata! We were suppose to have this and other activities outside, but it was surprisingly raining that afternoon here in Mesa. So, Captain Scott stood there holding the rope that held the pinata. The kids used a wooded sword to brake open the treasure chest pinata!

It was a very FUN party! Thanks Gain for having another wonderful birthday!


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Kara Miller said...

What an AWESOME party! Gavin looks so darn cute in that top picture, he is so proud to be a pirate! I love all of your creative ideas, your kids (& their friends) are so lucky. I want to take the Pirate Oath too!!!