Friday, February 26, 2010

Valentine's Day


Thank you The Creative Homemaker for another cleaver idea! (Super easy and cute!!) This is a wee bit late, but better late than never, right?! We were at our cabin in the snow....(we don't have a cabin, it just sounded good!)....during V-day, but I brought some activities up there on our little vacation to do with the kiddos. We "painted" over an invisible message. (I forgot to bring clean paint brushes, so the boys used their fingers) I had written each of the boys, including Scott, a message with a white crayon on the paper. Using Kool-Aid they "painted" over the message to see what it said. Then, they could drink the "paint" afterwards. We also played a guessing game about each other and I bought some of those valentine lottery tickets for each of the boys. We also went sledding that day. It was so beautiful outside and the boys all had a blast zooming down the hills. We had a delicious Chinese food dinner with great fortunes in our cookies! It was another fun packed day!