Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mini Goals Week 12, 13 and 14

I have been keeping up with my mini goals...just too busy to blog about it on Sunday. Two Sunday's ago we had our annual Super Bowl party, then last week we were in Pinetop having a blast with the family in the snow! Now I'm back and ready to report on my progress...
These last couple weeks have flown by with jammed pack activities and celebrations. We had the football party with some crafting, then started a weekly craft night with some of my special moving far-away friends, Valentine's day with cute family crafts, the Olympics started (which I love, love, love!!) Gavin turned 4 years old, we threw a pirate party for him, the boys had science projects and a science fair to attend, the book fair (which I head up for the boys school) was last week, I celebrated my 35th B-day, I've been packing boxes, searching new cute craft blogs, fun with the ladies in my Bunko group.....Breath! :) I did forget 2 doctor appointments! Bummer.
Ok, here it goes...My mini goal this week is....drum roll please....Make a HOME-COOKED MEAL EVERY NIGHT! Already sounds yummy! Here is why. We have been so dang busy these past few weeks we haven't been eating that great. We've only gone out once to a restaurant, but it's more than that. The kids eat 2 bowls of cereal for dinner or we'll make top ramen soup. Easy, cheap and fine every once in a while, but NOT THIS WEEK! I love cooking and baking, I just need to focus on it and make it a priority. Hopefully it'll get me back in the habit of making delicious, warm, homemade meals.

What are YOU working on this week?