Monday, February 22, 2010

Where in the world is Papa Bill??

Ha, ha, ha! This is so dang funny. I totally forgot I took this picture. We went to Sea World in December and haven't downloaded my pictures from the pink camera since before Christmas!
Do you see him? Do you see Papa Bill hiding in the sea of tourists?
We went to Sea World with our good friends the Udall family. It was freezing there, but we had a lot of fun. At the Shamu show I promised everyone if we sat in this certain section, we'd not only be super close to the center to see Shamu, but we would NOT get wet. Not one drop! We've sat in those exact seats 3 other shows and didn't get wet at all. Thank goodness Jori and my mom were prepared because we all got wasted! We were dripping wet! Well, Papa never wants to go on any rides and get wet when it's cool outside, let alone freezing. So he sat WAY up in the middle of nowhere and enjoyed the show dry as a whistle!

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Jori Udall said...

You've got the greatest friends:)