Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy, Happy Birthday G-Man!!

Gavin celebrated his 4th Birthday on the 11th. He has been talking about his birthday for weeks and weeks. Thank goodness it finally came. In the morning he woke up and I had put 4 sign and 4 balloons around the living room wishing him a very happy birthday. He had preschool in the morning, which they had a little party for him. Scott and I stopped in and brought mini cupcakes for him. He LOVED everyone singing to him. After school Gavin opened gifts that his brothers and Scott and I bought for him. I made a little crown for him to wear while he opened the gifts. He received Bakugans, Bakugan cards, a 3D Leggo magazine, bubbles, a toy horse, a mitt and ball. He was so excited!

Happy, Happy Birthday to my sweet Gavin!!

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Summer Spillane Jordan said...

k...i just LOVe the one of him with glasses reading! so precious! the kiddos can't believe he's already 4!