Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Our family loves to go geocaching. It's been almost a year since we've gone, but now that the weather is cooler we started it back up again! There is this park over where we live that is just awesome! We've been there a few times, and it never gets old. There is several ponds where many different birds live by, rabbits, fish and other wildlife. We've walked it before, and ridden our bikes. This park has over 10 geocashes! We've already found several, but there have been new ones set out since the last time we were there. We all had a blast doing this FUN family activity together! This was the BEST hide we have ever found! It's a fake bird sitting in a tree, way back in the brush. Several other birds were sitting right there also! Crazy!
All the brothers take turns holding the GPS and finding the caches. The micro ones we leave for Will and Scott to find. Those are hard!
This was the hardest of the day...It was a fake plant in the middle of a bunch of bushes and trees. Scott pulled it up and the cache was underneath it!
Here is a normal sign welcoming the visitors to the park and the top park of the medal pole came off and the cache was hiding under it! Awesome! You know how many people have walked right on by these hides? Crazy!