Sunday, February 7, 2010


We held our annual Super Bowl party again this year, which was a total blast. We did do things a little differently though...A few months back we had a service auction in our ward. Scott auctioned off a full tri tip meal. 8 families ended up pooling their money together and buying the meal deal. So, we ended up combining them both together!

There were a few people, me included, who were rooting for the Colts! The majority of the party was for the Saints. All in all it was a good game and everyone had a great time. I put up a table behind the couch and some of the gals were crafting and working on stuff they brought from home. There was a ton of delicious food...THANKS everyone for what you brought...and we had a fun time. There were a ton of kiddos there too which means chaos and mess followed them everywhere. Whoever brought that shredded cheese in that huge bag...your house WILL BE t.p.ed tonight! :)

THANKS again everyone for coming!!


Summer Spillane Jordan said...

oh man....we missed another great superbowl party??? did we ever even come? i think we came once :) we went to jace's sister's house last night last minute! poor guy! without tv it makes the superbowl almost torture :) so glad you had such a great turn out! wish we could have been there!

Zana said...

So happy for Scott & you for passing the test! It's always exciting looking forward to change...too fun!

Mamathom and Papathom said...

Looks like fun. Hope your team won.