Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I just downloaded pictures from my small camera...So here is a bunch of random things that was happening around the Thompson household...
My two sweet babies had on matching outfits. They looked so cute, and it wasn't even planned!
On Saturday, after Gavin's Pirate party we went out to dinner at Islands restaurant. He went sporting his fo beard with no hesitation. It was so cute.
Sweet Briggy's was sick a little while back and had to go to the ER for a couple breathing treatments. One of our neighbors has a machine and we used it a couple times and he recovered quickly.
When I lay Brig's down for a nap or bedtime he has socks on. When I come back into his room this is what I find. How funny is that. They're always in the exact same spot. When we're ready to go I'll ask him to get his socks and shoes on and he know where to go!

On Valentine's day one of the brothers made this cute little Valentine for Nathan. He wore it well!
I'm sitting at my computer and it goes quiet in the living room. Too quiet. You that sound. You're little one is into something he/she shouldn't be. Well, it was true. Brigham was doing something he shouldn't be doing, but sure was having a fun time.
I made some YUMMY chocolate covered strawberries and raspberries a while back. Man, were they delicious!

You've seen these dumb rides in front of grocery stores and inside of Wal-mart's. I never fork out money for these lame-o rides. But, I had just Gavin with me and I had 50 cents. So what the heck, right? He loved every second of it. But the real reason why I added this picture was to ask you if you can even see Gavin? With his camo hat, shorts and rain boots he's almost invisible. What was I thinking allowing him to go outside wearing that! Holy moly, what a goofball!
I help at my boys school quite a bit and we happen to be there around lunch time. Brig's and Jackson enjoyed eating together, even though Brigham ate most of Jackson's food. Jackson didn't complain once, and was very happy to share!

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Aaron and Stephanie Shumway (and family) said...

Yay Craft night! BTW- I could see Gavin. the Orange wall behind him sure helps!