Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh poop!

I am so bugged that something has changed on my computer where I can't plug in my camera, that I so often use, and download tons of wonderful pictures I want to share with all of you! Scott updated something, now it doesn't work! For either one of my camera's! (the smaller, pink one, I keep in my purse at ALL times...Just in case! And my other large camera for extra special events. Oh poop!
Tyler received MORE awards from scouts I want to share!
I went to the snow for 3 wonderful, fun days and want to show off the fun pictures I was able to capture!
I've been attending a weekly craft/chat class and want to show off some cute things I've been making!
And, there have been other fun, cool, neat things the boys have been into that I want to share with all of you, but feel like I need to wait till this problem gets resolved!
EEK! Bare with me y'all!

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Lacey said...

try reinstalling your cameras software. Maybe it somehow got deleted and your computer doesn't recognize it. Bummer