Thursday, February 25, 2010

Craft Night..take 2

It has been a ton of fun and laughs at craft night. A few girls and I meet and work on random crafts that we've started and need to finish, or brand spankin' new ones obce a week. Sometimes ladies are correcting papers for school, and sometimes we all get too busy chit chatin' to complete anything. There are always drinks, snacks and lots of fun!
We usually bring our own crafts to work on, but last night we did a group craft. Everyone brought part of the craft and we all worked on it together. They turned out cute and we all had a ton of fun. We got this adorable idea from The Creative Homemaker.
Cut your wood ( can either cut 6x6.5" or 6x9") sand it and either paint or spray paint it.
Alicia made a heat template that we borrowed. It was easy to use and helped us line-up the nails just right. Some of the gals used all 40 holes and others used every other.
Drill holes before you nail the nails into the board, it makes it easier this way.
You can paint a cute design, add vinyl lettering, buttons, or iron-on material to the middle of the heart if you want. The possibilities are endless. You may want to add the embellishments in the middle of the board BEFORE you nail the nails into it.Choose whatever fabric you like and cut them into 1"x5" strips. You can fray the ends if you want. We ended up using tulle, some material, a bandanna, t-shirt, and other random scraps of fabric.
Tie them on the pegs and wal-ah! You have an adorable, easy and inexpensive craft. You can do with with any holiday. Make an egg shape out of nails, a Christmas tree, a four leaf clover, a flag...We also sanded the sides to make it have an antiqued look.

Another craft we all worked on where these adorable fabric flowers that Stephanie taught us! Super easy and cute. The one below was a cut of an old shirt she used! Too Cute!
Here is one that I made. Super easy and cute! (Tutorial will be coming soon!) Thanks to Aaron for the red t-shirt I was able to cut up and use for mine! :)This was the other craft I made. Thank you Chez Beeper Bebe for this CUTE idea! It has bells in it and is real soft. Nathan already LOVES it!!


Deanna said...

super cute. nice job ladies.

rachel said...

Darling. What great ideas. You gals know how to do it!

Sarah said...

awesome!! i loove the flowers!!