Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ground Zero

 Friday morning we took the subway straight to Ground Zero. We knew this would be a definite highlight of our trip to New York. I've seen so many photos, video clips and news specials about what happened on September 11th, Ground Zero, the memorial, and Freedom Towers... but I knew it would be a whole new experience to see it in real life. And man it was!

We headed straight to the gift shop ticket store (we reserved tickets ahead of time, which are free, and a great idea if you are planning a trip in the near future!) The store is pretty small but full of photos and memorabilia of the Twin Towers. Instantly the photos and stories tugged at my heart and the tears began to flow. 
This piece of metal came from the rubble after the towers crumble down and the artist turned it into something extra special.
 Here is a huge photo of a fire fighter than had this image tattooed on his back to commemorate his fellow fire fighters that died on that tragic day. Not something I would do, but it was very impressive.

Here hung a huge material flag with all the names of the 3,000 people that were killed that day. There were also many huge posters of other countries mourning our loss a few days after September 11th. I don't remember seeing that on TV, so it was a nice reminder.

 We walked a couple of blocks away to where the self-guided tour began. There were two Memorial Pools in the exact spot and size of Towers One and Two. The  cascading water fall was beautiful to look at and to listen to. Around the perimeter were all the names of the fallen people of that fateful day.

 Across from one of the pools was this really cool modern building that will be the new Memorial museum. It was supposed to be completed by early 2012, but they were still working on. That will be a museum like no other, can't wait until that is completed.
 Here is the Survivor Tree which stood less than 30 feet away from the South Tower. It was the only living thing that survived after that day. Fire Fighters found it among the rubble and it was only an 8 foot stump. They moved it to a park and nursed it back to health and it grew to over 30 feet tall. After the North and South Pools were built they moved the tree back and it is supported by temporary wires until the roots take root again. When I touched this tree it was powerful, truly it was. Again, I was brought to tears. A silly little tree with so much meaning.

 On either side of the pools they are currently building the Freedom Towers, which will soon be the tallest buildings in the world.
I am so thankful for the opportunity to visit this site and show my respect to the almost 3,000 people, their families and New York City.

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All about the Monaghans said...

NO words can describe that feeling you get. I am glad that you had the opportunity to go and see this.