Monday, June 11, 2012

Freeze dried mice, a naked cowboy and The View

We headed downtown to the financial district and Wall Street area. We couldn't resist a photo with this famous bull!
We then headed to SoHo do do a little shopping, window shopping taht is! What a cute trendy little place. All the streets are cobblestone, so cute. We headed for Dash, the store owned by the Kardashians and several others. One stop that was a must was the Evolution Store. Oh. My. Goodness. This store is creepy, yucky and disgusting! My boys would of loved it!

 This store has very unique items for sale such as, baby sharks in bottles, frees dried mice, rats, squirrels and snakes, fossils, bones, shells, taxidermy, insects, minerals, jewelry and a bunch of other nasty stuff!

We walked through Washington Park, which was packed full of tourists, children, and performers. I love this arch, it's seen in so many television shows and movies! Also the water fountain area is in movies too. It was fun to see the children of New York splashing around in the water and having a fun time. It was another beautiful day with the perfect temp's.

 As we were heading back to our hotel we saw the Naked Cowboy! So many people stopped to get their photos with him. He would do a front shot with the ladies and then they would all turn around and the ladies would put their hands on his butt. Umm, grose!

Friday evening we had dinner reservations for The View the only revolving restaurant in all of Manhattan. It';s located on top of our hotel, The Marriott Marquis. The view was breath-taking. It turned so slowly, but id did make me dizzy. Pregnancy.

 The food was Divine and the dessert mouthwatering! So many components to build this chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream plate. So good! Another wonderufl night in NYC!

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Stephanie Shumway said...

love love!! What the freak is that carmel popcorn on that dessert?!?! NOM!