Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Museum of Natural History

 On our last day (sniff, sniff) in The Big Apple we headed out to the Museum of Natural History. We rode the subway again, which was much easier with the Queen of the Subway Miss Aleigh. She total got the hang of it.

The museum is huge and does not disappoint. It's a must for when you go to New York City. It was where the majority of the film, Night at the Museum, was filmed. It was cool to walk around and remember different areas and statues that was used in the movie with Ben Stiller. We went to the museum twice during the week. The first time we were only able to stay 30 minutes because it was closing. Thank goodness we went back again to see the rest of it. We watched a movie narrated by Whoopie Goldberg about stars and how the universe was created. It was pretty neat, but they did have a few facts that were incorrect. (Wink, wink!)

 Hey dum dum you want some gum gum? It was pretty cool to see this fun statue.

 The subway literally stopped right at the back entrance of the museum. We didn't have to climb stairs and walk around trying to find this place. At each stop they have the name of the stop in tile, but this stop seemed to be extra decorated. It was beautiful.