Wednesday, June 6, 2012

NYC Extras

Here are a few tidbits I didn't know about NYC or things that caught my eye while waddling (literally) around the city of dreams...

1. There are NO drinking fountains anywhere...Really! I think this is so bazaar!When you ask a New Yorker about one they look at you like you just spoke gibberish to them! (We ask about 5 different people!) I have to mime what I;'m talking about to them.

2. It's not as dirty and smelly as I heard. Las Vegas is much dirtier! But, every once in a while while walking down the sidewalk you get a huge whiff of something stinky!

3. Taxi's communication is strange. So much honking, which I knew there would be, but why? We've asked all three of our Taxi drivers more questions about this but they have all not given us an answer.

4. Buy most of your souvenirs on the street, you can barter with them and find one great deals. When you are wanting nicer stuff, then yeah go to a store or shop for that!

5. Waddling around NYC people don't stop and stare at me as much here. I guess I look like any other freak cruising the streets. Two people have asked if I'm pregnant (Hello! 8 months!!) And I tell them yes...with my 7th. Then I get that look. Yes, I am a freak!

6. So many different accents here. The Jamaican, for some reason, is the hardest for me to understand. Cute Angie totally understands and interprets for me and Aleigh!

7. We were out past midnight last night and there were just as many people out and about as there were at 12 noon! Truly the city that never sleeps!

8. While walking home from Max Brenner lat night this guy was on a cell phone screaming at his girlfriend and shouted, "No, you don't want to talk to me. You would rather play Apples to Apples!!!" I think he may regret screaming that, but man was it funny. So the next time you and your spouse are arguing (probably not screaming...) Tell them you'd rather play Apples to Apples. It's so random and quit funny!

9. We met a guy who after we told him we were from Utah said he's seen the show we tape there. Big Love. Umm, no! We explained to him that there is none of that where we're from. More of that in California than in Utah. :)

10. People don't talk to you, unless you talk to them first! We would chat with bus drivers, police officers, waiters, cab drivers...And they were so nice to talk to.

NYC, obviously, has huge tall buildings but overall it's much smaller than I thought. Even the entrance to the subway's are small. The streets are small. And Time Square. It's been a wonderful few days! A must trip for everyone to place on their bucket list.