Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Singing Time

We did an extra special singing time in primary today all about our dad's! It's a fun activity, but it does need a week or so of planning.
I went around after church a few Sunday's ago and took pictures of about 15 dad's hands. I also asked them their two favorite Primary songs (so we wouldn't get duplicates!) You could print out all the hand shots but I just took my laptop to church and showed the children that way. (It was cheaper!) They could guess whose hands they thought they were and then I would give hints like their favorite song or something about his children.
I was surprised how many children guessed their own dad's hands so quickly. Very observant!
A friend of mine told me another cute idea she has done before, which I'll probably do next year. She asked a bunch of dad's to meet outside the primary room and the dad's held up a huge sheet, so you could only see their shoes and part of their pants. The kids had to guess which legs belonged to which dad. And then he would tell his favorite song and the group would sing it.
It just came to me maybe I'd have that dad wear a crown and robe and sit on a huge chair (thrown like) and the children would sing to him. Fun!