Sunday, June 24, 2012

I'm starting to really feel it now!

With less than two weeks to go it has suddenly hit me I have a ton to do before this baby comes. It seems like with every pregnancy it takes forever to get to the very end. Now, it’s all of a sudden here! BAM!
Over the weekend we took down all the baby things. IE bassinet, boppy, papasan swing, papasan chair, bath tub, Bumbo...Holy molly it was a lot of stuff. Why on earth does a tiny little 10 pounder need so many things? I guess he doesn’t, I do!
Last week I took down 3 newborn and infant bins with onesies, clothes, shoes and blankets. THREE bins? Really? I went through them all and gave a few outfits away and washed and folded everything else.
I finally got my maternity portraits done, check it off the list.
I am planning on sewing him a couple blankets over the weekend.
What else was I missing...Oh yeah, my birth plan, a list of things I need to pack to take to the hospital with me, registering at the hospital and a tour of the new hospital where baby boy will be born. As I read my birth plan I laughed. It was humorous. I tweaked it a little and printed it out. Will I need it? Will I even remember what’s on it or follow it? Who knows! Monday in another doctor’s appointment where I’ll make sure to ask the few last questions on my mind. Episiotomy, videotaping the birth, Scott delivering, children in room and me cutting the umbilical cord. Right across the street is St. Mark’s where we will go to register and take a quick peak of the labor and delivery floor and birthing suites. Now what? Is that everything? What else have I forgotten?

I am ready to go anytime now. My body is hurting. Throbbing. Aching. Sore. Contracting. I waddle everywhere. It’s hard to do the simplest of things. I always feel like a truck has run me over by the end of my pregnancy but it seems like it started earlier this time and is more intense than the others. I’m getting old. The baby is in position and has already dropped. Such a weird feeling having this hard ball thing between your legs. My last doctor's appointment I was dilated to a 2, we'll see what tomorrow's appointment brings.

Scott told me today not to do anything all day. Lay in bed, read, watch a movie, nap, and play on the computer. Then he said that’s what I should do for the remainder of this pregnancy. He is such a comedian. Like that is possible for me to do. Hello! I have 6 kids all going in different directions all the time. I still have a house to keep up with, a garden, food to buy and prepare. Besides all that, I still couldn’t do that. I’d rather be in pain at the water park or the park, zoo, Trafalga, a BBQ, in my garden...I'm miserable but at the kids are having a fun time!


All about the Monaghans said...

I am SO glad I am not the only one who feels like this. These last two pregnancy's are starting to do a number on me! The only thing that kept me going was the fact that I would have a cute little girl at the end of it. I guess that was just for my sanity's sake. HA HA He sure did turn out to be an ugly little girl. AH well all's well that ends well, and your end is in sight. Good going.
PS just so you know yours and Scott's example and excitement for each new child has inspired me to think it was possible to do and ENJOY! THanks and good luck.

Zana said...

I hope you have a fabulous delivery and that was cute that you said 'little 10 pounder' Is that how much your last one weighed? My moms seventh was 11 lbs so she decided he'd be the last :)

Crazymamaof6 said...

So excited for you that the end is near! Sounds like you are all set. You are crazy busy and super fun. My last one was killer on the aches and pains earlier. It has been harder the older I get. Hang in other! Can't wait to see him.