Saturday, June 2, 2012

New York City

YES!!! I am in New York City!!! I only told a small handful of people because I didn’t want my mom to know about my trip. She’s a worry wart and she would have been too stressed out knowing her baby who is 8 months pregnant was flying across the country.

It all started 3 months ago when my cousin told me she was taking her Senior to NYC for a graduation gift. I said, “I’d totally invite myself, if I wasn’t pregnant!!” They both insisted I come, and so I asked my doc. He had no problem with it and so here I am!!

We flew the red eye late Friday night which was a LOOOOOONG flight. We were stuck on the tarmac for a little over 2 hours with no AC. Yuck! I was so tired and was so sweaty.

We arrived Saturday morning and have been going all day. We checked into our hotel and took off to see the Big Apple. First stop, The Empire State Building! It was a perfect first thing to do because we could see everything from up there. None of us have ever been here before so it was great to put places and building into perspective.

This is a shot of the Flatiron Building from atop the Empire State Building.

Next stop, Circle Line Cruise, around the Hudson River. WOW, we saw everything! The Statue of Liberty, where the twin towers stood, Trump Tower, bridges, beautiful skylines…It was a perfect day!

Dinner was a slice of some delicious New York pizza. Now it’s time for bed. My back is killing, I’m super sleepy and the baby has hiccups…again!

 Good Night New York!!

Oh PS we met this nice 70 year old lady on the bus and she asked where we were from. After telling her Utah, she looked at us in amazement and said, “I’ve never met anyone from the state of Utah before!” What? Crazy!


rachel said...

That is fantastic! The baby's first trip to the big apple. I bet he's going to be a big business man. ;)

DoryQueen said...

Love your pictures! What an awesome experience you are having. Enjoy!