Thursday, June 14, 2012

Boys Portraits, oh my!

A couple days ago we headed to Wheeler Farm to get the boys portraits done. The ones I have hanging on the wall near the stairs are 2 years old. Hello! A tad bit behind. We will do family pictures in November after the baby comes.
The boys all did real well poising for me, but I was a little surprised when I got home to see some of these, especially the ones of Will. He looks like I'm about to send him off on his mission. Holy Smokes he's getting older and older by the minute! And handsome!
I haven't even put these pictures threw photo shop to tweak some of the lighting yet, I am just thrilled on how good they all turned out.
As were walking out the door 3 of the boys look at me and say something on the lines of, you're not going to wear that are you? Cute that they would know I would have a nicer outfit on, hair done with some make-up on.

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Angie said...

These are sooo simkin' cute Belle!! Darling boys... Great photography!!