Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Most beautiful building in Manhattan

 Early this morning we went to see a taping of the show Live with Kelly, what a fun experience that was! I requested tickets 3 months ago, but never heard back from them,. So we decided to go and be in the stand-in line. We got up early and headed to the upper west side. We ran inside, being 10 minutes late or so, and they said they were full. I stayed inside while Ang and Aleigh went outside to wait. About  15 minutes later he said they could put us in, yeah! He handed us tickets with The Chew on it. Hmm...We walked inside and there were more pictures and information about The Chew. Umm, I think we were in the wrong place! Finally we asked and yep we were. It was the next door down! There were a ton of people standing there in line. Angie worked her magic by explaining we went to the wrong place over an hour ago. There were two different sections and they had us stand in the smaller section. We started to walk in and we were on the floor level! As we were walking in they were filling the back first, but I asked if we could get the seats right in front and she said yes! So here we are, with no tickets, late, in the front row! HELLO!
The studio was tiny but awesome. Gelmon cam out and a few other works that looked pretty neat. Then Kelly and Brian came out and we went wild! All three of us did our family yell that is pretty unique. If you watch the show you can totally hear us!
 Jenny McCarthy, Miss America and a cooking gal were there. After the show they taped another beginning segment and several short clips for upcoming promotions. It was pretty cool. During one of the commercials I told Kelly I was almost due with my 7th boy and she was shocked. The audience cheered! It was pretty cool!
 Kelly is TINY. She is cute as a button. She is a little more risque when the cameras are not turned on. Someone asked her what her tattoo meant and she said, " It's a symbol of my stupidity!"
 Right around the corner was the Manhattan Temple, the most beautiful building in New York City. Truly. We went inside and found out that half is the temple and half is a regular ward meeting house with a chapel, Primary rooms and basketball court with stage. It was amazing! We decided to do some baptisms and confirmations. Actually we all participated in the confirmations and Angie and Aleigh did several baptisms each. Right when you enter the building you can't hear New York at all. It was peaceful and beautiful. I am so thankful for the experience of today.
That same afternoon Elder Walker was in town doing an interview with Barbara Walters. So, after the temple work we were headed back to the chapel area. I walked in the elevator looked to my right and noticed I was standing next to Barbara Walters. I said, in surprise, "Hello Miss Barbara Walters!" She just stood there and looked at me for a second and said "Are you a Mormon?" After saying yes with confidence she then asked, "Do you believe in heaven?" Yes again was my answer and I could tell she was staring at my belly.  The elevator doors opened and I told her I was expecting my 7th boy. Her mouth dropped open in astonishment. We began a conversation about this crazy fact. She asked me their ages, if I am happy, if it's my choice and why would I choose this. She asked if I have any help (as in nanny's), what's it like to have so many. I was interviewed by Barbara for about 8 minutes. It was pretty neat.

 Elder Walker came in and thanked her for coming and handed her a CD of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. They went into the small chapel and a small handful of people went in to witness the interview. I was one of them. Cool! Barbara had a special several years ago about several different Churches and their views on heaven. It was the most watched interview she has ever done and the Mormon's weren't interviewed then. He answered confidently, with pose and the spirit. It will air July 6th!
After they walked in front of the temple several times to get some "walk and talk" shots. Several people stopped on the street and snapped some shots.

 We rode the subway for the second time with a little more confidence and it was much better than last time and super fast.

Here we are walking across the street to our hotel. It was 5:30, rush hour. There were so many people and it was so congested.
Another full day. Another great day. Another day we were able to do and see many different things.


Lara said...

Wow, Lori! What an amazing experience you had!

It seems to me like you were placed in that elevator with Barbara for a reason! You are such an optimistic person who obviously loves motherhood and the Lord. I'm sure you left her with a very good impression of Mormon women.

Summer Spillane Jordan said...

i'd vote for you as the mormon mom "spokesperson" :0 for sure! you're having so many incredible experiences there! just amazing!

Jason Russell said...

That's our Lori!