Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Book Fair

Being the PTO president at my kids school, which is a lot of fun but very time consuming, I head the Scholastic book fair. Ours is coming up in 3 weeks or so. The theme is "Reading Makes you a Star". Hollywood, glamour, lights...We have a kick-off in the evening where we will serve free popcorn. We are planning cute little crafts like decorating your own academy award, painting your hands to make a hand-print like on the Hollywood walk of fame. Also I have printed out a 8x10 piece of paper that looks like a movie reel. Each child can draw their favorite scene from any movie they choose.

The Book fair will be open during the next week before school and right after school to get as much foot traffic as possible. For every $20 a person buys in books, they can pop a balloon on the popcorn wall for free prizes. There will also be a jar to guess how many kernels of popcorn are in a jar. Winner gets to choose any book from the fair. Each classroom is decorating their door from their favorite scene in a movie and there will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes for that.
On Wednesday night we will be having "Movie Night". We are planning on showing "Alvin and the Chipmunks" and serve pizza, drinks, popcorn and snacks.

Can you think of any other activities, decorations, games, or whatever else I can do to make this event better??


CC said...

It sounds great! I wish I can be there to eat the popcorn and score some freebies! :D

It would be funny to have some of the staff bring those "director" chairs to man stations or wear those director hats and have megaphones, lol!

rachel said...

That's so fun!! You should do a red carpet for them to walk on. FUN!!

peachytiffers said...

Man, you are soooo creative!