Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cub Scouts

Will loves cub scouts. I love cub scouts. The brothers love cub scouts. Will is really into certifying in the different areas in his book to pass of as much stuff as possible. I wonder where he gets that from!

Last Wednesday was another pack meeting and will received 4 more belt loops. He has a total of 10 so far. There is a cub scout activity later this month where he will have a chance to get 9 more. He is so jazzed about that!

This month the cub scouts theme is games. They opened with a fun game. There were several different size bowls-cups and the boys had to throw bean bags into them.

Here is Will with his scout mater, brother Bryce, receiving some of his belt loops.

Will had to show the other cubs how he certified in some of the areas. One was physical fitness and Will had to do 10 push-ups.

After the boys got into teams and one was blind-folder while the other gave directions without touching his partner. They had to slowly and carefully navigate through the maze.

The little brothers all love cub scouts and cant wait to be old enough to attend as participants. This summer one of the camps the boys will be attending is cub scout camp where Will, Jackson and Tyler will all be able to go! I haven't told them yet! They will be very excited though.