Friday, January 30, 2009

Potty Trainning...Still

Sweet Gavin is having a harder time than the other boys with potty training. He will turn 3 years old on February the 11th and is not totally there yet. He's about 50%. I've tried everything, but he seems to be taking his own sweet time with things.

Anyways, the other day I let him put his big boy underwear on. And this is what he looked like!

Silly boy put those undies on backwards. I was laughing when Gavin first walked out, and started looking at me funny asking me what was so funny. That made it even cuter that he had NO idea his undies were going up his cute little cheek!


Jace said...

this is too cute...we're working on haven right now too. we're using the naked method :) if we put undies on him he just goes in those...the only way he'll do it is if he has nothin' :) it's such a long and slow process but the diapers have gotta go. we realized we have had one or more kids in diapers now for over 12 years!!!! that's too long :) good luck!

CC said...

What a cute shot! Potty training is always so trying for both the trainer and the trainee! Good luck Gavin and Lori... :D