Monday, January 19, 2009

Chips, my favorite snack!

I love, love, love chips. Usually BBQ, sometimes sour cream and onion or Ruffles low fat. But I found the most delicious, most yummy potato chip a couple months ago.

Ruffles thick cut cheddar baked potato. Oh my! YUMMY!

Well, I was so thrilled to find a yummy new chip. Then last week I was out shopping and couldn't' find them, anywhere! I went to Target, Wal-mart, Albertson's, Fry's, Bashes, and Safeway. :( Sniff, sniff.

With these chips on my mind and not having the ability to purchase them I started going a little crazy. I asked my mom is Cali to go hunt some down. Nothing. I asked my cousin in Utah. Nothing. I special ordered them at a few grocery stores. Scott searched on-line at and found the closet store for me to buy the most YUMMY chips on the planet. North Phoenix. Over an hour away! Ah, suck-a-mongas!

If you ever see these MOST DELICIOUS chips buy 2 bags. One for me and one for you! :)


CC said...

I never heard of this before and we were at Walmart yesterday. Well, I will look for them, if just to taste them and see what you mean.:D

Jace said...

hahaha...okay, lori, jace wants me to ask you if you're expecting :)

peachytiffers said...

Where? Cause first of all, now I have to try them, and second of all, we go there often. I can get some.