Monday, January 26, 2009

TEN years baby!!

I am happy to report that Scott and I have completed the first decade of our relationship. There are many, many more to come, but we are thrilled to announce we've been married for TEN whole years. YEAH!!

Last night Scott said he had a present he wanted to give me a little early. SWEET! Just like Christmas eve! It was a DVD movie of TWILIGHT!!!!!! (thanks Jill!!) So last night we watched Twilight again. I plan on watching it again this afternoon too. It is such a great movie! A perfect gift for me too!

Today is also the 100Th day of school at the boys school. They all had to bring 100 of something. Each day this week is a theme. Today is wacky hair day. Jack wanted a mohawk, and Will and Tyler wanted spiky hair. This afternoon there will be a school wide activity that we are planning on attending. So, Gavin will have a mohawk and I will do something wacky with my hair.

This evening after FHE we're all heading out to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Rico's. (The place where when you buy an adult entree you get TWO kids meals for FREE!!)

Scotty, I love ya like butta baby! Your the best husband for me and a wonderful dad to our little family. It hasn't been much of roller coaster ride with us, thank goodness. More like a never-ending day at Disneyland. And someday I'll even change my last name to match yours! :)



CC said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Enjoy your day!

10 is a big deal; when Charlie and I hit it back in 2006, we had my in-laws come and watch the kiddos so we can take advantage of his free 2-day/1-night stay at the Phoenician where he worked. Since he worked in the food department, his supervisor took care of everything and we ate like royalty. Seafood all around, and breakfast was a romantic mix of cut fruits and veggie omelette. Our room was next to a mini-waterfall and it was hidden from most view. His mom was so happy for us, she bought me lingerie! Awkward but nice. Before that, we also had a date at the AZ State Fair. It was so romantic!

Lori Nielsen said...

Unfortunantly we can't afford anything major this year, but when we celebrate our 11th anniversary we're going somewhere awesome. Either on a Cruise or to somewhere tropical!!

Jace said...

hey guys! congratulations! isn't amazing how fast the 10 years come? and so much fun! we celebrated our 10th by spending the money we had saved to go to france! (yes, we had planned to go) and instead, moved onto campus and enrolled jace in college! it was the best things we could have done...without that we never would have met you guys...and WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! have fun tonight and know we'll be thinking of you!

Hansonpatch said...

Congratulations Lori and Scott! Ten years is huge nowadays! I know a ton of women who would love to get Twilight from their hubby's and who are sooo jealous right now! Congrats again!

Mamathom and Papathom said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SCOTT AND LORI. 10 is a nice milestone - now to shoot for 25 then 50. Wow, how time flies. LOVE YOU.

Lacey said...

What I want to know is how you got a the twilight dvd?!?

Happy Anniversary!

CC said...

Oh, yeah, because there are tons of you that so deserve a big CONGRATS, I had to do a post about it! Come check it out!

Keep blogging!