Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I have update my play list to change up the new year on my blog. (The background too!) Right before Christmas I watched Mamma Mia and the boys sat and watched the entire movie with me. They would get up and dance around at every song. It was really fun. The next day I watched it again with Scotty. Over Christmas break in SLC we watched it 3 more times with everyone. (Granted, the actors don't have great voices. But, it's catchy tunes and fun music to boogy to!)
While Papa was visiting he bought us the DVD and we watched it 2 more times on Wednesday night. Right when it was over the kids jumped up and yelled "AGAIN, AGAIN!!". Will restarted it on the machine.

Randomly during the day the boys will start up and sing one of the songs. It's real cute.

So here to start off the new year is Mamma Mia!! Enjoy!


peachytiffers said...

I still haven't seen it! We should do a girls movie night sometime.

CC said...

Ok, I feel like such a cave woman about all these "trendy" things I have yet to try. I think I'll blog about how I feel about that... :D

CC said...

btw, love your new background!