Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yummy, inexpensive food...

Yummy, inexpensive food...Verses yucky cheap food.

Why is it that you can get a meal from several dollar menus that are so disgusting lately? And they make it so easy with all the drive-thru's and commercials corrupting my child's head. It costs me more money to eat healthy and serve healthy meals for my family. Kinda ironic!

Well, on my pathetic budget we only go out very seldom. Here are some of our favorite YUMMY and inexpensive places. Subway Sandwich. We can buy 2 foot longs for 5 bucks each and that feeds my family. We do make it a meal and get two drinks to share and 2 bags of chips. Relativity healthy and at a good price.

Last week we were running late and Scott said let's go to Little Ceasar's pizza for their 5 buck take out. I didn't really understand what he meant b/c I haven't been there in so dang long. I remember their old slogan, "Pizza, Pizza". And it was ok at best. Well it was pretty good, not the best, but for 5 bucks each large... another good deal.

You can't forget about Taco Bell. We order that Grande Meal. 1 bean burrito, for me and the rest hard shell tacos for the boys. Scott usually orders something fancy, like a bowl or nachos. Probably not very healthy but great on the purse strings and yummy in the belly.

YC's is another favorite of ours. We've only been there 3 times but it's fun, yummy, healthy and cheap. All the food is raw and you choose meats and veggy's and shovel them into your bowl and they cook it on this large circular grill right in front of you! It comes with soup, a drink and dessert!

We also just recently found this great little Mexican restaurant (way down on Power Rd.) If you go on Monday nights, for every adult entree you order you get TWO FREE children's meals! And the meals come with drinks. They also serve you fresh homemade salsa and chips.

When you go out where do you go? (Not any nice fancy restaurant, something YUMMY and INEXPENSIVE!)


CC said...

I like all those places, too! Except for YC, never heard of it before. For us, it's Monday's Cheep-Cheep Chicken at Kroger's- $6.99 for 8 pcs and if meal, less than $10! At Walmart, the $8 chicken meal before 8pm.

Golden Corral (ayce), they have coupons for $5 per adult coupons every week and weekly kids eat free on Tuesdays with purchase of one adult order.

When we go to Subway, we bring our own chips and drinks and only spend $10 on the two footlongs!

Brimhall Bunch said...

Which Mexican place on Power? Are you talkin about? El Ricos? If so I LOVE that place the owner lives in my old ward in Gilbert.

Jace said...

i tell you what i's not super cheap but it was good for our date nights...the ono's hawaiin bbq...i would pay a ton for some of that. if you look through the value envelope there was a buy one get one free/1/2 off and so we could get two huge containers for $11 and it would feed us and then the kids would get the leftovers if there were any. we've already outgrown the taco bell meal :( we have to get two and so now it's more expensive. the kids can each eat two items...
we love the walmart subs that are about $6 and then grab two pringles $1 each and feeds all of us. but again, we're almost outgrowing that.
so, basically, there's no such thing as a cheap meal for our family anymore. i have to make homemade meals :) it's the only way to keep my budget in tact :)

peachytiffers said...

Those are all on our list too! What mexican place are you talking about? I'll have to think more on this subject and get back to you. :)