Monday, January 11, 2010

Behind the Scene

Tyler's scout troop went to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts for a behind the scene tour! It was awesome! Here are some little facts about Krispy Kreme you may, or may not already know!
1. They hand dip each and every flavored doughnut! And toss sprinkles or whatever on top!

2. The doughnuts that do not cook perfectly or have the smallest imperfection are tosses in the trash! Bye-bye yummyness!

3. The glaze is literally poured onto the doughnuts and the extra glaze is recycled through. They just keep adding more and more glaze to it!

4. Kids could seriously watch this process everyday for hours at a time!

5. Even if you are too small to eat at Krisy Kreme you can still participate in the festivities by wearing one of their custom, free, hats!

6. The "fillings" come in these already prepared packages. (Lemon, apple and cherry)

7. They pour the filling into these containers which fill up the doughnuts individually. There are 2 separate silver knobs coming off the bottom of the containers where someone inserts into the doughnut to fill.

Here is a worker in the back HAND dipping and putting sprinkles on EACH doughnut!
8. The gal said it takes her about 45 minutes to do an entire cart. Each shelf can hold 2 dozen doughnuts.
AMAZING! And yummy. Actually I am not a doughnut fan, especially when they are warm! YUCK! But, the rest of my family are!
Thanks Jori for a great field trip!
P.S. On your Birthday you can receive a dozen FREE doughnuts! Also, take in your report card and get free doughnuts for every A you receive!


Corinna said...

sure looks good, but looks like they waste a TON of food. very sad.

Alissa said...

My mouth is watering. I LOVE that place! That looks like a ton of fun!

rachel said...

Awesome Krispy Kreme YUMMY!! What a great trip!