Thursday, January 28, 2010


There are a bunch of little things I wanted to share with all of you, but I didn't want to make then their own post. So here is a compilation of lots of little random things, thoughts, and pictures....Enjoy!!

Randomness #1 I celebrated my 11th anniversary to my sweet honey, Scott. We met 13 1/2 years ago in the MTC where he went off to serve in Ohio and me in Washington state. I have loved being married to him, most of the time! :) He really is the most wonderful man, and we are perfect for each other. I LOVE YOU SCOTT!! Here I am with 2 dozen pink roses!

Randomness #2 We hardly ever go out to fast food to eat. Mainly because I'd rather cook and two I don't have any extra cash to waste on nasty food. The other night I was out and about and it was getting late and the boys were getting antsy. I decided to go though the drive thru of Wendy's with my 6 boys in the car with me. After I received the food, I looked in the bag and grabbed a fry. (You now those thick salty ones...yum!) Then, I handed Jackson one who was my co-pilot at the time. Then I noticed the chicken nuggets were missing! Oh man! So I went back inside to inform them. They took my bag (that remember I had outside in my car and was eating out of!) and took it to the window and handed it to the next car in line! WOW! Literally my mouth hing open. Oh, man if the management knew they would be in SO much trouble! The lady finished making mine and handed me the bag. Wild!

Randomness #3 Driving around the other night I saw this. This is the best description of Arizona in a picture. Beautiful sunsets with a cactus!

Randomness #4 Here is what I saw a few nights ago...Seriously? Do you have enough pillows? If an adult attempted this we'd have a sore neck for a few days! Cute belly though! Randomness #5 I was out of baby diapers in the diaper bag while I was out the other night and of course Nathan filled his diaper. So he got to be a big boy for a few hours! When I got home I totally forgot what I did and Scott was changing his diaper and getting him ready for bed. He starts busting up laughing...and then I quickly remembered what I had done. That is some serious protection, all the way up to his nipples!

Randomness #6 I have to share with you all 3 new FAVORITE sites. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these! Melissa runs this site and updates several times a day! She keeps you up to date on coupons, free and almost free things, great deals at grocery stores, restaurants and more! Love, love, love it!! Stacie runs this blog and updates a few times a week with easy, cute and cheap craft ideas that usually she makes or she finds from other readers. Cute, cute, cute!! Angela and Heater do this blog, my newest find. Very crafty stuff, but also decorating and organizational ideas. (I am in the middle of the whole binder thing. Organizing my recipes, summer activities, and FHE lessons. All 3 different posts.)Check it out, LOVE IT!

Randomness#7 Scott and I saw Blindside the other night. It was good. A nice solid movie. But the whole time I'm watching it I was wishing I was more like Leigh Ann Tuohy. She is elegant, but tough. A no-nonsense gal and gets the job done. If you get a chance to see this movie, you should!

Well, my friends, that's all I can think of for now! I hope you have a great day!


rachel said...

Happy Anniversary! 11 years is definitely an accomplishment! Congratulations!

Summer Spillane Jordan said...

love the posts! gotta love the french fry one though! it's my new rule...i always have to stop IN the parking lot and do a count...with 6 kids that are hungry (and we go out maybe once a month) you can't risk getting home without someone's food :) love the diaper...isn't it funny...doesn't even take a second thought though as a mom...but funny to retell the story to the men...jace would always look at me funny...

Alissa said...

Oh that was so fun to read! I love Nathan's HUGE diaper! LOL! so funny! CONGRATS on 11 years!!!!!! That's incredible! You guys were made for each other:)