Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mini Goals Week 10

I've been thinking these last few weeks about some of my qualities, you know, what makes me me! Here are my top 3:

1. I'm outgoing. I've always been outgoing, a party planner, spontaneous, lively, always looking (or making) times fun. I can get up in front of a crowd, I don't embarrass easily, and I can go up to strangers and start up a conversation easily.

2. I'm passionate. Whatever I'm doing at the time I do with my whole heart and soul. I give 110%. When I was PTO president for 2 years of my kids school I worked tirelessly on helping benefit the school, the classrooms and the students. When I was the primary chorister for 2 years I spent many hours working on posters, games, and aids to not only help the children learn songs, but to have a good time doing it. Same thing with scrapbooking, blogging, helping the boys in soccer, or scouts.

3. I'm loud. You're lucky to have me on your team because you will be able to hear my cheers from whereever you're at. I'm usually in a leadership role because I can be heard.

These are great, wonderful atributes but at the same measure these 3 things get me in the most trouble.
1. I'm outgoing. People are intimidated by me and think I am pushy or rude.
2. I'm passionate. I don't mind my own business and should stay out of it. There are many other people that can do that same thing better.
3. I'm loud. I'm loud. Annoying.

So, my mini goal of the week is to tame these wonderful attributes that I have been blessed with. I am going to stay more distant from center stage and allow other people to show their talents off. I am going to keep most of my thoughts in my head and remain quiet. It's going to be a little tricky because this week, like most, my plate is full. The Relief Society is meeting at my house for Enrichment. Another evening is the cub scout pack meeting where Will and Jackson are going to be receiving patches, belt loops and pins. I'm in the middle of making plans to host the Superbowl party, and Gavin's 4th Birthday party. I am also heading up the book fair at the boys' school that is coming up in a few weeks.

This may seem easy to you readers, but I assure you it will be hard for me. But, it will be good for me too.

What is YOUR goal this week? What are you going to be working on?

GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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Summer Spillane Jordan said... to respond...let me just say you're amazing! and anyone who reads this blog loves you!!!!!!!! or we wouldn't keep reading it! enjoy your mini goals this week but know that those 3 qualities that get you in trouble help me be a better person :)i'm having to learn to be a little more outgoing, a little more "stand my ground" and a little more "right all the time" :) you've been a great example to's up to the other person how they take it...i've personally always loved those attributes in you!