Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Here is what we do with all the Christmas cards that are sent to us! FUN! I love getting cards and letters with pictures and little updates on how the family is doing. I enjoy seeing friends and family's new photo and hearing about their lives.

We use to place them on the wall and form a Christmas Tree. Now I just stick them to the back of my door. When were putting the decorations away I place the pile of cards on top of the first Christmas box. So, next year it'll be the first thing that I see when I open the box to decorate. I look through them first and it starts the holiday's off right!

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Summer Spillane Jordan said...

i finally got on the ball and created a photo album just for this type of thing! i hate throwing them away and so i had kept every photo sent...for baptisms, births, christmas, i have one album and all of YOUR photos go in's fun because it shows the growth of each family and all of our loved ones, year by year!