Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mini Goals Week 11

I sure am LOVING these mini goals. It really makes me aware of a certain area in my life I'm working on. It's small, so I can work on it and complete it. I am not getting overwhelmed or anything! LOVE IT! Hey, a few of you out there have told me some of your mini goals, great job by the way!! You can do it too this week. It can be anything. Spiritual, physical, financial, mental....the possibilities are endless. I have had 3 in mind these last few days, but will only choose 1 for this week!

My mini goal this week is (drum roll please....) to either pack a box or fill a bag everyday!
We're moving in June, and there is a lot of stuff I need to go through. There is a lot of stuff I need to pack. There is a lot of stuff I need to donate. And, there is a lot of stuff I need to clean. I do not want to overwhelm myself, so I'm going to start now! (Actually, I started last week and packed up 5 boxes of just children's was only HALF of their books! Oh my! That's what helped make me see there is A LOT of packing, organizing and going through that needs to be done!)

So, everyday I will work in a closet.
Sunday is Gavin's closet in the play room.
Monday in the boys hall closets (2).
Tuesday is the boys closet in their bedroom.
Wednesday is the other hall closet and utility closet.
Thursday is Scott's closet in the office.
Friday is Brig's closet in his room.
Saturday is my closet in the bedroom.

I have to either pack an entire box OR fill a bag with items I am giving to the Goodwill.

WHat are YOU working on this week? GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!!