Monday, January 25, 2010

Pine Wood Derby

Tyler's troop had their Pine Wood Derby a couple weekends ago. He used Will's car, a red Ferrari. He did pretty well and had fun at the event. I was surprised on how unorganized the entire event was. I thought the hall would be decked out in decorations, and the prizes would be fantastic. But, I was completely wrong. I like the way the church runs the Pine wood Derby but for some reason I thought Tyler's non-traditional troop would be better.

We found Will's car that Tyler was going to use 2 days before the event! That was cutting it close! The evening before the event Tyler, without my knowledge, took the car outside to a friends house. Where, of course, he left it. In the morning Scott got Tyler up early and was ready to head out knowing the car weigh in was at 830am. Where's the car? Thank goodness Tyler remembered he had taken it to a friend's home. Heading straight over there, they couldn't find it anywhere and then one of the kids remembered they had taken it to another friends house because the tire had come off! You have go to be kidding me! All the while I'm still in bed sleeping away. It was at the friends house in pretty bad condition. The front wheel and axle were totally broken off. I blame no one except Tyler. The boys headed over to the clubhouse where the derby was to take place soon and had to hot glue gun the tire on. Which made the car heavier and Scott had to widdle wood of the bottom of the car. Oh man! Crazy story, but they got the car there and in came in middle. Will and Jackson's derby is coming up soon....Hopefully it will run a little smoother! :)

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Summer Spillane Jordan said...

what an ordeal! thank goodness scott is such a great "pit crew" :)