Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Phone Home!

So, the other day I'm chatting on the phone with Scott and Brigham runs in and thinks I'm talking to my mom. He starts freaking out because he wants to talk with Nana. Scott has to go and we hang up. Well, poor Brig's starts crying. He is so sad. I tried calling Nana on her cell, but she didn't answer. As I'm trying to contact her on the home line Brig's runs out of the office and comes back in a few moments later. In his shirt he has something, two things. The funny thing is he's wearing one of those onesie shirts, so he had to stick what ever toys he has down the collar of the tight onesie-shirt he's wearing. I help him take the toys out one at a time. The first is his Winnie the Pooh cell phone. The second toy is another cell generic cell phone. He opens them both up, sits on the floor in my office, and starts chatting away. He's talking gibberish for several minutes with the occasional, "Nana" into the conversation. It was so cute!

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Mamathom and Papathom said...

Sweet picture of a lot of love.