Monday, January 4, 2010

High Tide

A trip to Santa Barbara isn’t complete without a trip to the beach. We didn’t bring our swimming suits, a little too cold for that. But we did want to go for a walk along the beautiful shoreline. Papa, Nana, Uncle William, Rosie (the dog) and all of us headed off to the beach. Within the first 5 minutes of being there Brigham had ran into the oncoming waves crashing down against the sand too many times to count. Gavin had bit it hard and fell in. Tyler and Jackson were too excited and began jumping over the waves as they crashed closer to them. Thank goodness I brought a couple towels…Just in case! We didn’t really go for a walk like originally intended, but it was fun nevertheless. It was high tide and there were several surfers out there catching some 8-10 foot waves. It was awesome. The sun was setting and the clouds hovered over the horizon. Breathtaking. I love going to the beach! Here are some cute shots of the boys, family and scenery. Nana always taking shots of they boys!

Beautiful, I wish we lived there again! Sure glad we can visit anytime!

Scott trying to stop Brig's from running into the water.

Sweet Nathan all bundled up enjoying the sea air.
The boys playing in the sand. Notice the surfer in the background!
Here's the fam taking their time cruising the shore line. I sure love my family! Dysfunctional and all!

The boys were climbing the cliffs in their dripping wet clothes and bare feet! They had fun!
Uncle William helping Brigham to stay clean of the huge waves coming right for him!

Papa and Rosie hangin' out from a distance watching the crazy boys get all wet and cold!
A cute family shot in front of the beautiful ocean and sun-set! AWESOME!
Here's Gavin right after he fell in and then was attached by another wave! As soon as we told him it was ok he smiled and ran right back in the direction of the oncoming waves!
Another cute family shot where the boys were climbing...


Summer Spillane Jordan said...

yeah for pictures with you AND scottie in them :) love all of the shots...makes me homesick for cali...haven't been there in over a hope of going back...sure love those beaches...thanks for the memories! gonna have to head out east to see if these beaches compare in any way :)

Mamathom and Papathom said...

Looks like fun, but I could still feel the cold. Thanks for sharing.

Alissa said...

Great pictures Lori!!! I miss the beautiful beaches already! Your family is just adorable! I hope we get to spend time with you guys more often in the future! Looks like a total blast at the beach:) I Love it!