Friday, January 22, 2010

Which would YOU choose?

Last night I'm watching one of my fav's, Grey's Anatomy. The entire show was based on the premise would you choose love or a job? It was odd to me because it was a storyline, people had difficulty choosing? Seriously? That was very strange to me. Of course I believe if you have a job you LOVE your life will be better. But would you choose the ideal perfect job for you OVER love? If I had millions I would want to travel. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to travel. So what, I'd go alone? Aww, NO! There is no point in having the perfect job if there isn't someone there to share it with? Am I right or way off here? I can't even think what the ideal job for me would be that I would even think about trading it. NOTHING compares to Scott, my boys, LOVE!

So, ladies, and gentlemen, WHAT DO YOU THINK??
Have YOU or someone YOU know chosen a job OVER love??
Thoughts? Questions? Comments?


B & Shanni Boyd said...

i just watched it on Hulu.
Love all the way... youre nothing without your love. You pick love and stay with your love throughout etnernity! <3

NIKOL said...

It's easy to see it as a no brainer, especially looking from the outside. But you know if you were in that situation, there would be many, many factors to consider. It's not just love vs. job. There's more to it than that, I'm sure. An example from my own world: I work in a hospital and two of the doctors in our department are married. One of them applied to be an astronaut with NASA. It was his dream to be an astronaut since he was a kid. He's always been fascinated by space. Medicine was his Plan B. But then NASA wanted a doctor to go to the Space Station. He went through a ridiculously long interview process. Meanwhile, there's his wife and his young daughter who's in school. If he became an astronaut, he'd have to leave them for at least 6 months, more likely a year or more. So, does he take the job and leave them? Does he give up on his lifelong dream, even though it would only be a short separation from his family in the grand scheme of things?

Now, in my situation? I'd give up the astronaut thing because my family is the most important. But, at the same time, I can really see how it would be difficult to have your ultimate dream within reach, and yet have other things (family, love, whatever) also calling to you. I don't think it really comes down to not whether you'd choose love over a job or vice versa. I think it comes down to how firmly you've examined and organized your priorities before the choice is presented to you.

Look at me, writing a novel in your comments!

Lori Belle said...

LOVE it Nikol!! You're so cute! And yes I totally agree there are other factors that involved. Maybe for LDS folks it's an easiler decision? I don't know. Here is my story (forgot to incude it...) I wanted to be a fire fighter. I went to a certain college with the fire program completed most and relized I could not be a mom and fire fighter. I had to choose, and it was easy to choose kids, but I have never lost that passion in my heart for fire fighting....

Corinna said...

hey lori, i used to like that show, watched it on the computer. but i would choose love over surgery.
i just think the show has become nothing more then a soap opera. over it.