Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mini Goals Week 6

I really enjoyed this last weeks mini goal...I did it a little differently too. I would randomly open up the Book of Mormon and read. The cool thing is later or the next day something would come up or happen and I would recall a section I had just read. I would read while I nursed the baby so my goal of 30 minutes became closer to 50-60 minutes a day. It was AWESOME! Because I started 1 day late I will continue this mini goal until tomorrow.

My NEW mini goal is: To make something from scratch everyday! Breakfast, a side dish, entree or dessert. Something I have NEVER made before! I have already gone through a bunch of yummy recipe books and have made a shopping list that I will go out and do tomorrow morning. This is something I will really enjoy, but will challenge me also! Scott is extra excited about this one too! :)

What are YOU working on this week? GOOD LUCK to you my friend!


rachel said...

Are you going to post these recipes?? I am envying your family. I love food from scratch!

Deanna said...

If you make scrambled eggs for breakfast does that count? Or do you have to raise the chickens yourself hehe :)